It’s lap four, we are flying down the front straight away going into turn one. We’re at the top of fourth gear at about 7800 rpm’s when we start setting up for the downhill right ahead of us…braking…downshifting. My pilot is feeling more confident with every lap. He’s trying to stay off the brakes and carry more corner speed. Meanwhile, I’m out as far as I possibly can be, shoulder and butt cheek inches off the ground. About a third of the way through turn one, the back tire starts getting loose and we begin a monster drift. I don’t have a clue because I’m just trying to get out as far as I can but my pilot is adding more and more counter steer trying to get the rig to come back around. He knows he can’t chop the throttle or we flip. I’m just along for the ride. He maintains his throttle position and when he thinks he’s at his limit, the rig starts coming back around. About that time back tire hooks, flips the chair up about a foot off the ground, flips me off the platform about 16 inches, I touch down in about the same place I launched from. I shoot a look over to Todd, he looks at me the same way…both our eyes big and focused…. and up the hill we went headed toward turn two ….YEEEHAAAA!!!! I’m pretty sure we found our limit in turn one, on lap four. Our friend Devlin confirms that as we get back to the pits. His eyes were big too and his grin wide wearing that floppy hat. He says at the top his lungs almost laughing ” I thought I was going to have to run out there and catch Mrs Trospers, man that was a close one!!” And so goes some of the best memories of our life!
First time around the a new track, the corners are blind, I can’t tell which way the curve is going to go, which position I should be in. Todd however is having great time, bike is running well and he is on cloud nine…pushing it hard. I’m trying to signal for him to slow down, he takes that as ‘go faster’. (riiiight…) So we get back into the pits and I am waiting for him to take his helmet off because he has earplugs in and wont hear me speak…yeah, I’m mad and he keeps asking if I’m ok, and yeah, I’m getting angry! I just keep saying “take your helmet off….take your helmet off”. Finally, I yell “TAKE YOUR HELMET OFF!!!” and suddenly you could hear a pin drop. Everyone is staring at me and I head into the trailer just a little embarrassed… 😉
Mid Ohio 2014 One of the best most iconic photos in the collection. The three teams and the reason we race today! These will be the good old days, always the best and never forgotten! We will forever be grateful to the team master, Devlin, and he will forever be in our hearts!
In 2016, Loud Valve Racing won the AMA Sidecar National Championship at vintage motorcycle days at Mid-Ohio.
We went to the Awards Banquet in Columbus OH and we had a great time. We met many fantastic people and ate a great meal, if you have a chance to go to this banquet you should go, it’s well worth it!
So we had a super time at MAMA TRIED! We were trying to recruit prospective sidecar teams for AHRMA. Im not sure how successfull we were, but we think we have some people interested. Celia Wren Coca-Trosper went as far as showing them monkey positions and several got down on the platform and gave it shot. Made some friends had some laughs! Thanks to Scott Johnson and the crew for putting on such a great show!
VRRA Mosport WOW! Canadian Tire Raceway! First time I visited Canada, hey there! It was beautiful and the people were extremely nice! We couldn’t wait to try authentic poutine and we were NOT disappointed! What an amazing track with some challenging terrain…wooohooo! Our first international race, where many famous drivers have gone before us! Pic by Richard Coburn