This is us. Eric and Celia Trosper. Some may use Todd so don’t be confused if you hear Eric, Todd, Hillbilly, Sissy Lips…you get the point. We have been married for over 25 years and are still loving life together, doing amazing things and having one hell of a fun time! Loud Valve started when a friend said ” Didn’t you say you would race with us if you had this?” and he showed us the red Guzzi racing sidecar. We both were IN! ‘Back then’ there were no sidecar racing schools so we pulled up some YouTube videos in the garage and followed along, pretending and making all the noises the whole time! A few months later we were at Road America getting ready for our first race. We didn’t know anything including what class we should register for so we signed up for Sidecar F2 (should have beem SC2). There weren’t many sidecars and there weren’t any F2’s so we won our first race! We made some friends and raced again the next weekend at Grattan Raceway in MI and haven’t stopped racing since!

We’ve been racing with AHRMA for these past 8 years, racing some of the countries most amazing race tracks, Laguna Seca, Barber Motorsports park, Road America. and many more! We visit other clubs regularly, AMA, WERA we love them all!

We are happy to help you get started racing! Shoot us an email or FB message!